Spring, trips and outings are around the corner

As I sit here writing this in early February with snow on the ground, I think to March and beyond. Spring is just around the corner, and with that are all the wonderful gardens and nurseries. 

Would you like to head up to the Skagit Valley to see the tulips, or perhaps go south to the lilacs?  How about a trip to Molbak’s or one of the other wonderful nurseries to pick up a few plantings? Now will be the time to sign up for something headed in those directions.

A very nice group will be departing early this month on a flight to Houston, Texas and a bus to Galveston, where we will meet up with RCCLs Navigator of the Seas. You will have to wait until we get back to hear all about that.  And then in April, we have rented a house on Maui and will spend two weeks going in and out of every back road around the island.  That will give you another column to read where you will say, “I wish I had gone with them.”

We certainly aren’t getting any younger, and the bucket list is out there. We all make excuses, particularly the one that says, “I don’t have anyone to share with.”  We will always help you find a roommate so that you are not paying single supplements.

Sharing does not mean that you have to do everything together, unless you want to. It means that you pay the lesser share fare and have someone to talk to when you wish. Who knows? You just might find someone to share with on other adventures.

Another way to meet potential roommates is to take some of the day trips. These include mystery trips, dinner dates, and other short excursions.  We have a Victoria, B.C. trip planned for a two-night stay and might just throw in a couple more short overnights.

May brings a marvelous trip to our nation’s capitol for a week-long visit to see memorials, museums, Arlington Cemetery, MountVernon, Annapolis and much more.  There still might be room if you want to come along.

October has some of our people taking off for Europe for the anniversary of the beaches of Normandy.  Spend some time in Paris and then head out to remember all that took place so many years ago.

In April of 2015, we have a wonderful group already developing to do a 19 day trip from Tampa, Fla. to Vancouver through the Panama Canal. The new one won’t be finished by then, but we will certainly be able to see what is happening with it. And think of it, you only need to fly one way as the ship will bring us right back home.

For reservations and further information, call me at 253 927 8207 or send an e-mail linda.finch@gmail.com.