Summer is fading, but not the travels

How quickly this summer has gone by. It has been a very beautiful, long one with many days to play. As we get older, we need to take the time to enjoy each and every one of them. What is it they say (whoever “they” are)? “Stop and smell the roses.”
We kind of did that, but it was the lavender instead. The annual Lavender Festival is held in Sequim each year. The entire community turns out for this and you can try everything from fresh cutting to lemonade and ice cream. If you didn’t get the chance to join us this year, perhaps you will want to put it on your calendar for 2016. It is quite a celebration.
And speaking of celebrations, one of our own is really celebrating this year. Audrey Stacy, who has traveled with us so much, turned 100 on Aug. 16. She is still going strong and is quite active.
We held a party for her during a trip to Coeur d’Alene, Lake Chatcolet, and the Palouse country. This part of our state and the panhandle of Idaho are so entirely different from what we are used to on the western side. The rolling hills were seeing an early harvest, the lakes were at their bluest and the forests were a lush green. Our senior adventures often include participants from that area and they joined in the celebration
Plans have been made for an August 2016 riverboat cruise that will begin in Vienna and end in Istanbul. The riverboats hold approximately 100 people and are perfect for those who think they might otherwise get a little seasick. You can sit on deck and watch so many historical sites go by; take daily excursions to castles and wineries, eat meals prepared by private chefs and soak up the luxury.
Now is the time to make a deposit and get on board as they sell out very quickly. Insurance covers you in case of illness and there is even a kind you can take out for just a little more that lets you cancel for any reason. It is certainly worth looking into.
Remember, we still have trips planned for 2015 with Israel in October and a southern holiday in December. Alaska is planned for May 2016. A deposit now will hold space on any of them, and we will help you find a roommate if you so desire.
Call me at 253-927-8207 for reservations and further information. Get on the e-mail list at

Linda Finch writes the Senior Adventures column.

Audrey Stacy (second from left) celebrates her 100th birthday with Gail Kincaid, Jackie Sue Wilkins and Wesley Ann Schulhauser.
Audrey Stacy (second from left) celebrates her 100th birthday with Gail Kincaid, Jackie Sue Wilkins and Wesley Ann Schulhauser.