Sun and fun south of the border

As promised, I am back from Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point), Mexico and
ready to tell you all about it.
Before leaving, I heard all the warnings from the naysayers about the
drug cartels, don’t drive, watch what you eat, etc., etc. I realize
that we have to pay attention to these things and am certainly not
going to travel without checking them out, as I want to be able to
come back and tell you wonderful stories.
Puerto Penasco lies 90 miles south of the border at Lukeville, Ariz.
It seems as if there is never a bend in the road as you drive through
miles of cactus and desert. Traffic was very light and we didn’t stop
until just outside the city, where there was a checkpoint with
soldiers asking where we were going and wanting to see in our car. It
was nice to know that they were checking everyone into and out of the
Rocky Point has a population of just over 45,000 spread out over all
the sand and dirt. There did not seem to be much of a downtown area,
but we had no trouble finding shopping in the Old Port along the
waterfront. Here we found the typical souvenir stores, pharmacy, bars
and restaurants. In addition, we found the most amazing fish markets.
Can you believe $6 a pound for huge shrimp, $2 a pound for wonderful
small steamer clams, and $2 a pound for flounder caught just that
Day excursions included a side trip to Cholla Bay for JJ’s Cantina;
Bird Island to see the local birds, sea lions and dolphin; and El
Pinacate for a moonscape of volcanic fields and semi-stable and active
sand dunes.
Our residence was at the Mayan Palace, a 25-minute drive from the
center of town. Here we relaxed in comfort with a spacious two-bedroom
suite looking out over pools, beaches and sparkling blue seas. Each
day, some time was spent walking the beach, which had more shells than
I have ever seen, and no one was telling us we couldn’t bring them
home. We had everything we needed with a sports bar to watch the
Seahawks, a pool bar for happy hour, outdoor restaurant for lunch by
the water, indoor and outdoor pools and a full-service spa. Most of
all we had sun, sun, sun.
Plan to come along with me on other trips as we explore South Dakota
in June, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands in September and Cuba in
December. There are also quieter trips to the tulips, Diablo Dam,
Harrison Hot Springs and Leavenworth. For further information, contact
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