Sweet treats for the holidays

Trop’s Chocolates has been around for over 30 years in various locations on the West Coast.  They came to Gig Harbor about two years ago and were warmly welcomed.

They make chocolate specialties such as chocolate boxes, truffles and chocolate-dipped sweets from Belgian Callebaut chocolate. This is a couverture chocolate (French for cover, extra smooth dipping chocolate), known for its workability and for its high cocoa butter content and flavor.  We found a tempting and beautifully displayed selection of individual chocolates – both dark and milk – and sampled several.

The cost per piece is $1.75, and no matter what we tried, they were delicious. The chocolate is creamy and melts just perfectly in your mouth.

I thought Mocha was a perfect balance of coffee and chocolate, and the salted caramels were excellent, although I thought  the salt crystals were a little large and numerous for the size of the candy. If you love a lot of salt on your caramel, they would be perfect. Nougats were creamy and fruit flavors were intense.

A confection that was totally over the top was the Chocolate Covered Brownie.  Made on-site, as are all the sweets, the brownies are loaded with chocolate flavor on their own, and when drenched in a thick coat of chocolate, the two-inch square is divine and worth the $3.50 price.

Trop’s is involved in the community, and their special events such as Trivia Tuesdays and Blue Fridays (celebrating the Seahawks) are fun. Trivia Tuesday quiz parties include snacks and a chocolate fountain, all at one price. Call for information on when the next one will be scheduled.

They have a nice little coffee shop with cozy seating where you can enjoy hot chocolate, seasonal drinks like cider and pumpkin spice latte, freshly baked scones, and chocolate-covered graham crackers. Relax surrounded by heavenly candy and enjoy a drink and a sweet to go with it.

Special holidays call for special treats. My favorites are sweet and beautiful, and Trop’s Chocolates are just that.


Trop’s Chocolate Factory

3303 Jahn Ave. NW, Gig Harbor (From east side of the Narrows Bridge, get off the highway at the first exit (24th Street). Cross over the highway to find Jahn Avenue and turn right. Keep on Jahn until you come to the little strip mall where Trop’s is located.


Open daily Monday-Saturday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Closed Sunday.


Carolyn Augustine, a freelance restaurant writer, writes the Senior Eats column for Senior Scene.