Tacoman part of reorganized DSHS leadership

A reorganization of the state Department of Social and Health Services’ leadership includes a promotion of Bill Moss of Tacoma to acting assistant secretary of the department’s Aging and Long-term Support Administration.
DSHS Secretary Kevin Quigley said the responsibilities of the department’s Aging and Disability Services Administration (ADSA) are being assigned to three smaller administrations whose leadership can focus on the specific needs of people. He illustrated the need to focus management responsibilities by pointing out that the budget for ADSA’s current Division of Developmental Disabilities alone would constitute the third-largest agency in all of state government.
Moss previously was deputy assistant secretary of ADSA. He has worked for DSHS for 20 years. Before becoming deputy assistant secretary, he served as the ADSA Home and Community Services (HCS) Division director. He also has field experience as an HCS deputy regional administrator.
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