Ten days at sea and five on Hawaiian Islands

When you think of cruising, you usually think about what ports of call you will be visiting. You don’t normally think about spending long days at sea.  In prior years, we have gone to Hawaii and rented a house in one location for two weeks. This year, we decided to take a 15-day cruise out of Vancouver: Five days at sea, five in the Hawaiian Islands, and another five at sea. Just how were we going to keep from getting bored during those long sea days? 

It didn’t take long to find out that there are so very many things to do besides eat — and we did plenty of that. Mornings started with some sleeping in and others heading to the spa/gym for a short workout.  From there, after a sumptuous breakfast, most of us headed to Morning Trivia with a very eclectic 20 questions.  This was followed by a Destination Talk, a different island each day, or a lei-making class, a ukulele class or a health and wellness seminar.  By then it was time for lunch.

In the afternoon, there were always arts and crafts, bridge players’ get-togethers, poolside games and dances, photo seminars, and dance classes.  There was even time to take a nap, read a book, shop the stores and the specials for $10, or a closeout sale of items for previous cruises.

Our dinners were the time that we all got together to talk about what we had done during the day. It’s fun to see how many different things that everyone could do.  No one seems to be saying that this was a boring sail at all.  And then, of course there was the food — such a wide selection to choose from that everyone could find something to make them happy.

And in the evening there were the shows — variety, comedy, vocalists, productions, classical, jazz. There was something different each night. And from there you could spin off to a variety of musical venues to listen or dance. Late-night game shows are always fun, or just take life easy and head for the cabin.

Once in the islands we were off the ship each day, renting vans and taking off for spots unknown.  Out of Hilo, we drove to the volcanoes and the black-sand beach. On Oahu, we stopped at the USS Arizona Memorial before heading to the North Shore with the surfing beaches, lunch at Turtle Bay, a view from Pali, and ending with a stop at the Punchbowl  (even a rainy day didn’t slow us down).

Kauai was special, visiting the Smith Family Gardens and Fern Grotto.  A small boat took us up the river into the lush valley and up to the famous grotto where the Hawaiian Wedding Song was performed.  There was then the trip back down the river while we learned to hula. On Maui, we encountered rain, but it didn’t slow us down as we drove to McKenna and then back to the other side of the island for lunch in Paia.

Back on the ship after five days in the islands, we found that we now knew the familiar routine and what our favorite activities were. It took no time at all to be back into trivia, pick up the the ukulele lessons or learn a new dance.

All too soon, the adventure was over and we were back at home. Many memories to share with others, and dreams of future trips

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With the USS Arizona memorial in the distantbackground, Stella Jones, Joanne Fassett, Erika Elgin, Candy Turner, Bob Turner. Bernice Whitley and Cheri Eilson (from left) pose for a photo on Oahu.