The pearly-whites treatment for dentures

The pearly-whites treatment for dentures

The fit and feel of full or partial dentures and the beauty of a denture-user’s smile can depend on eliminating hardened dental plaque, known as tartar or calculus. Over half of denture wearers have long-term accumulations of calculus. This can become increasingly worse to the point where the dentures may not fit properly and become increasingly uncomfortable. Without proper care, the tartar can irritate and inflame gums and cause unsightly denture stains.

While most seniors usually try to clean their dentures at least once a day, dentures tend to accumulate tartar just like natural teeth.  Older dentures often show signs of tartar buildup, which looks like a hard, rough, tan or beige accretion on the denture. The buildup hardens over time and becomes even more difficult to remove.

“You need to clean dentures daily, just as you would with your own natural teeth or else plaque builds up on them and gradually hardens to form calcified tartar or calculus which takes up stains from foods, drinks, and smoking,” states Dr. Robert Esmund, a dentist, in his article “Cleaning and Whitening Dentures – Whiter False Teeth.”

While it is common for seniors to scrub their dentures with a brush and toothpaste, keeping them free of accumulated tartar can be difficult for a number of reasons. For instance, it can be hard for seniors to reach into every nook and cranny of the denture to scrub off the tartar. Limited vision and manual dexterity can also make brushing difficult. Even the act of scrubbing can increase the possibility of dropping or damaging dentures.

Eliminating stains is also a top concern. Typically, the embedded tartar absorbs stains and discoloration caused by smoking and dark drinks or food. So, drinking coffee and red wine are problems, as is eating dark chocolate or other such treats. For this concern, a study showed the effectiveness of the professional-strength denture cleanser.

The bottom line is that some seniors may be inclined to continue using a familiar but outmoded denture cleaning method due to habit. However, those who take advantage of professional-strength denture cleaners to remove hardened dental plaque will improve the fit and feel of their dentures while removing stains and discoloration from their smile.