The word for Chop Stix is ‘delicious’

Really good Pho (Vietnamese soup) delicious teriyaki, and egg rolls that have a wonderful unusual wrapper are all available at Chop Stix, a small but wonderful restaurant in Eatonville.
Family-run and open at the same spot for about five years, the dining room is in a small house with six tables which are available for dining in, and there is also a complete carry-out menu. We went on a Saturday, and there was constant foot traffic and a full dining room. The service was good, and we got our order in about 15 minutes, which was fast.
We ordered the Well Done Beef Rice Noodle soup, at $7.50, Beef Teriyaki at $9.50, two egg rolls at $4, and 10 pot stickers at $6.95. We also ordered barbecued pork with fried rice at $8.50. Soft drinks are available, but we just ordered water.
The soup was terrific, with vegetables and meat all thinly sliced at the bottom of a large bowl. The very hot and gently seasoned broth is then poured over all the ingredients, and everything gets cooked together. There was easily enough for four people sharing. Delicious.
For those who like their food with a kick, extra sauces are available with various levels of heat. The teriyaki was also very good, with tender beef covered in a very sweet and tangy sauce, which we had with steamed rice. Lots of pieces of beef made enough for two.
There was also a small but very good side salad, served with a sweet and tangy dressing that complimented the teriyaki perfectly. The barbecued pork was very tender, and we just ate it with our fingers like an appetizer. The pork pot stickers were ordinary, but the egg rolls had wrappers that resembled French pastry rather than the usual wrappers. Very interesting and good with the gently seasoned fillings. Asian seasonings can be heavy on the ginger or garlic, but all the food we had at Chop Stix was lightly seasoned and delicious.

IF YOU GOChop Stix
311 Center St. E. in Eatonville
360 320-6261
Hours: Monday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.; closed Sunday


Carolyn Augustine, who writes the Senior Eats column for Senior Scene, is a freelance food and restaurant writer.

Asian food at Chop Stix is served fast and delicious.
Asian food at Chop Stix is served fast and delicious.