There are ways to make travel smoother

Listen to the news and check out all that is going on around the world. It makes me sometimes wonder why go through all the hoops in order to travel.

I love to travel. I love to meet new people in new places and learn about them and what they do. I have always had a curiosity about things outside my normal pattern. Now I am learning that there are ways to make my travels more comfortable.

It is only a matter of months before your Washington driver’s license will not be enough ID to get you onto an airplane. You will need either an enhanced ID or a passport in order to do this. So take care of it now.

An Enhanced ID is just a fancy driver’s license that shows proof you have a passport and/or are definitely a U.S. citizen. You will need proof of citizenship (passport, certificate of naturalization, official birth certificate), proof of identity (driver’s license, passport); proof of residence (driver’s license, homeowner insurance policy, home utility bill, mortgage documents, property tax form;.take a couple different things). The cost is an additional $30 over your regular license fee. You can use this to drive or cruise into Canada or Mexico, as well as to board a plane.

I  also applied for a TSA Pre-Check number. This lets you go through the faster line at the airport. You don’t have to take off your jacket or your shoes; and your plastic sack with creams, ointments, liquids, etc. can stay in your bag.  Things are just easier and the lines are shorter.

In order to obtain this, you must take proof of citizenship (passport, enhanced license, original birth certificate) and head out to the IdentoGOCenter. I found one in  Fife.  First, just go on line to the TSA website and complete the application and obtain an appointment time..You can walk in without an appointment, but the appointment puts you in front of those people. Take your ID and $85 or your credit card. They will ask you some very basic questions and take your fingerprints. It all takes only a few minutes of your time and is well worth it in the long run. It is good for five years.

Remember, we have some great trips coming up, including September in Europe and hopefully January in Cuba. Stay in touch. For reservations and/or questions, call me at 253-927-8207 or e-mail me at


Linda Finch writes the Senior Adventures column.