This trip is a Jersey thing

Here it is football season, and that always means we take a trip somewhere to a football game. The choice this year was back to Rutgers, New Jersey, an area we have never traveled before.
Our trip started with a day at Monmouth Park Race Track to see the horses run. We had reserved space in the picnic area right next to the track. It was their annual barbecue and beer fest, so the party was on. The weather was perfect and the day was fun. It was topped off by dinner along the boardwalk on the Jersey Shores.
Princeton University, with the campus and all the history, took another full day. The library is three floors underground and extends under the courtyard (Brooke Shields has her thesis stored there). Tuition is $47,000, but you get it back it you graduate and go into public service.
Lamberville, N.J. and New Hope, Pa. were quaint towns which are noted on the “Antiques Roadshow” program. We stopped in shops, ate in the restaurants and took an antique train ride.
A highlight of the week was a trip to West Point to learn about life as a cadet. The campus is over 16,000 acres, has 5 chapels, a dining hall that feeds 4,000 people at one time, and an extensive history with Robert E Lee as the only person with no demerits and General Custer as the one who had the most.
A New York Yankees game was supposed to be on our agenda, but it was raining so hard they called the game. We really found out how bad traffic can be in the area as we were in rush hour and rain at the same time. It certainly made Seattle look tame.
It was an exciting trip full of culture and history. A lot of little highlights that always make it interesting. We did end with a football game, but it is a little anti-climactic after all the things we were able to see.

Mention has been made out our big trip in September 2016 on a riverboat. It will be from Paris to Prague for 12 days. Space is very tight. If you are interested, call Linda Finch at 253-927-8207 or e-mail


Linda Finch writes the Senior Adventures column.