VA study finds nasal spray improves memory in some

Researchers at VA Puget Sound Health Care System have recently received widespread national coverage about their current Alzheimer’s research.  Dr. Suzanne Craft, a UW professor and Veteran’s Administration researcher with the study is cautiously optimistic about their findings.  The study has concentrated on research of a direct delivery system that provides insulin to the brain of study participants through an intranasal administration.  While the study results have been quite positive, Craft emphasizes that the study has so far been limited and needs larger scale testing over a longer period of time.  The current pilot study involved a sample of only 104 participants over a four month period.  Craft hopes to get funding for a larger study and begin additional research by next summer.  She puts the timeframe for knowing whether the direct insulin approach is a viable therapy for Alzheimer’s at three to four years.

The study results were published this month by the journal Archives of Neurology.


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