1455 Wilmington Dr.
DuPont, WA
(253) 912-4730
Monday thru Friday – 11am to 9pm
Weekends – 12pm to 9pm

Viva Mexico in Dupont, one of three family owned restaurants, has the décor of a souvenir shop in Tijuana, very cheerful and clean. Your eyes are entertained by examples of Mexican pottery, advertising props, and colorful wall décor. The water comes in big blue striped glasses, and adds to the feeling of a party. Chips and salsa arrived on the table but the chips were greasy and the salsa too watery.

An appetizer of a half order of nachos grande, was $6.99. These were not ordinary nachos, no heavy gloppy salsa, but were very fresh and enjoyable. There was plenty for the three of us. Nachos are an American invention, but everyone expects them at Mexican restaurants, leaving the ingredients to each establishment.

Our orders included one chicken chalupa at $7.50, chorizo con huevos, which is Mexican sausage and eggs, with soft flour tortillas at $7.75, and beef taco, enchilada and tamale at $11.25.  All orders came with refried beans and rice. We also had cajeta de leche, a pudding-like burnt cream dessert.  I found it too sweet and sticky, but others liked it.

The chalupa was the best meal with warm gently spiced chicken, two types of cheese, and a shredded lettuce salad. The chorizo con huevos looked like it had been dropped on the floor and then scraped up onto the plate The mildly spicy flavor, not even a bite on the tongue, was good, but a sweet note from an unidentified spice clashed with the chili powder and cumin of the dish. The tamale proved to be small and flat with a thin coating of the traditional masa which was inadequate and the enchilada sauce overwhelmed the whole plate. We were disappointed.

The restaurant and its bathroom was clean, accessible and service dog friendly.