Washingtonians among biggest users of Google Maps for getting around

Whether you’re tackling a long trek or taking a leisurely stroll through a forest, it’s easier than you might think to get lost. So which states have the most people who are losing their way or are bad at self-navigating and need Google Maps the most often, and which month is the most likely for unlucky wanderers to get lost? It turns out that Washington is one of the 10 most map-needy.

USBettingReport.com, an online source of news and information tied to betting on U.S. sports, analyzed hundreds of Google searches for Google Maps over the last 12 months and discovered South Dakotans are the ones using the service the most. An estimated 75 out of every 100 residents of South Dakota searched for directions on average since February of last year – the highest figure across all states. The research also found that South Dakota residents were mostly like to get lost in April.

Vermont and Massachusetts rank far behind the leading state in second and third, with 25 out of 100 residents resorting to Google Maps for directions. Washington ranks sixth, right behind Oregon in fifth place. The rest of the top 10, in order, are Colorado, California, New Hampshire, Illinois, and Minnesota.

Appearing at the bottom of the ranking is Mississippi, with just an estimated 9 out of 100 people searching for Google Map directions.

The months with the highest number of residents becoming lost were revealed to be August and July.