World’s second-costliest funerals are in the U.S.

New research reveals the United States, with an average cost of $7,000-plus, has the second most expensive funerals in the world.

The research by Aging in Place, an organization that provides consumer information for older adults and their families, reviewed the cost of funerals and the average salaries in each country to reveal the most expensive countries for a funeral.

The 10 most expensive, in order, and their average prices (in U.S. dollars) are:

Japan: $22,292. Most of the funeral fees go to Buddhist temples that hold the funerals. Due to the high cost of land, burial plots have become prohibitively expensive, so many people opt for cremation.

United States: $7,289. The pricetag is 12percent of the average American’s salary. Funeral costs have risen sharply over the last 30 years, especially for caskets, the most costly expense for a burial; they’re up 200 percent, outpacing the inflation of other consumer products by more than double.    

Germany: $7,215. The highest among European countries, due to strict laws and regulations governing burial and cremation reducing competition and driving up prices. A deceased person must be laid to rest in a coffin and burial plot in a cemetery, even if they’ve been cremated.

The least expensive countries for a funeral are:

India: $115. The majority of funerals are Hindu-based and the deceased are mostly cremated, as Hindus believe the physical body serves no purpose after death and doesn’t need to be preserved, and that cremation is the quickest way to release the soul.

Argentina: $421. That’s $51,750 in Argentine pesos. Despite being a majority Catholic country where burials are the most common ceremony, cremations are becoming popular thanks to the country’s economic downturn, forcing the bereaved to go for the cheaper option.

Brazil: $458. The price is barely 3 percent of the average salary of Brazilians, who, rather than celebrating the life of the deceased, focus on the pain of the loss of loved one. Funerals usually take place within 48 hours of death.