The secret life of Charles Brown


The secret life of Charles Brown

As Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, “He that writes to himself writes to an eternal public.” At the time I bought the old diary, I had no idea it would inspire me to write a book and share its secrets.
For over 40 years, my passion for antiques has driven me to search and collect treasures from the past. Addicted to old paper, letters, books and artwork, I enjoy the thrill of the hunt, researching each item and finding them a home.
When I discovered the diary, I was aware of buying someone’s secrets and pondered if I had the right to read it. However, I found the intriguing inscription irresistible and eagerly read every page: “In this book are recorded my evil deeds, but only for one year.”

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The who and what of living wills

“Five Wishes: Your Practical Guide for End of Life Care” is the title of a workshop that Pierce County Aging and Disability Resources will host May 3 in Tacoma. The session is scheduled for 10 to 11:30 a.m. at Soundview Building, 3602 Pacific Ave.. Because seating is limited, RSVPs are requested at 253-798-8787. Officials Aging

One place you don’t have to worry about fraud

If you fall victim to fraud, it can really stress you out, not to mention damage your credit score and wallet.  We encourage you to be cautious of suspicious email, letters, and phone calls or any time someone asks for your personal information. Generally, Social Security will not call or e-mail you and ask for

Free Metro shuttles in Auburn Free Metro shuttles in Auburn

King County Metro Transit and Senior Services’ transportation program have  expanded the free Hyde Shuttle community van service to Auburn. The shuttles, which are lift-equipped, serve seniors who are 55 or older and people with disabilities. Rides are provided between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. weekdays to Auburn Senior Center, grocery stores, libraries, banks, cultura

Caregiver ‘stars’ honored

Health Care Providers Council of Pierce County wants to give caregivers the attention that many of them deserve. The council, a non-profit organization that promotes service and care for older and disabled adults, is accepting nominations for its 2014 All-Star Caregiver program. Nominations can be made at The deadline is May 5. A dinner


Our water is as clean as we make it Our water is as clean as we make it

Every time you fertilize your yard or garden, mow your lawn, wash your car or walk your dog, you’re affecting the environment. Whether it’s a good impact or bad depends on what you do during those activities. City of Tacoma officials who have the job of watching over surface water and stormwater management have very

Senior Eats

Hamburger heaven and more at Flying Tomato

I am on the hunt for a superior burger. One that is on a higher level than the usual frozen patty and grocery store bun that is offered at local eateries. And I found a really good burger on the lunch menu at the Flying Tomato in Graham. The regular menu at this establishment is

Senior Adventures

Ships, springs and shows get you out and about Ships, springs and shows get you out and about

Are you anxiously waiting to hear all about the cruise to Belize, Honduras and Cozumel? Well, as I write this, I am packed and ready to go. You will just have to wait another month to hear all about it.  Here, it has been rain, rain, and more rain. There, we will have sun, sun,


Go to the YMCA to fight diabetes

If you could reduce your risk of becoming diabetic by 58 percent, wouldn’t you? A collaboration between the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the YMCA is doing this through the Diabetes Prevention Program at local Ys. According to the CDC, half of all American adults are destined to develop diabetes or pre-diabetes by 2020,

Product Showcase

Like a surgical mask for toothbrushes Like a surgical mask for toothbrushes

The Intellident Toothbrush Shield protects toothbrushes — and the mouths they go into — from germs and bacteria. The cover, available at Walgreens and other major pharmacy retailers, works like a surgical mask. It can replace caps and holders that trap bacteria, is effective for seven days and is easily disposable, according to its manufacturer.