She worked with computers before her grandkids were born


She worked with computers before her grandkids were born

Smartphones are commonplace. Almost everyone has one, including my grandchildren, who consider it a necessity. Smart phones can perform many functions of a computer; they typically have a large screen and an operating system.
Amused by my flip phone, my grandchildren were relieved to learn I had left the dark ages and finally owned a smart phone. They may feel knowledgeable of the latest technology, but have no idea their grandmother used a computer before they were born.

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Murray: Expand care for vets

U.S. Sen. Patty Murray of Washington has reintroduced legislation to expand a program that helps those who care for wounded, ill or injured military veterans. The Military and Veteran Caregiver Services Improvement Act would open the program to veterans of all eras, making resources available to more of the family members and other loved ones

Free screening of film on Alzheimer’s Free screening of film on Alzheimer’s

Virtually every family in America has been touched by Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia.  Alzheimer’s itself is the sixth-leading cause of death in America, with one in three older adults dying of the disease.  Few films capture the reality of Alzheimer’s better than “Iris,” starring Judi Dench, Kate Winslet and Jim Broadbent. The love

Give annoying, scam-breeding robocalls the hook

In today’s landscape, it’s not uncommon to receive multiple robocalls a week on both your landline and your cell phone, even though you’ve registered your phone numbers with the national Do Not Call Registry. The robocalls are offering everything from lower credit card rates to free vacations and medical alert devices. It’s not only annoying,

Proposed: Long-term care benefit

A lawmaker from Tacoma is among state legislators pushing for the creation of a long-term care benefit for Washington state workers and seniors. House Bill 1636, known as the Long-Term Care Trust Act (LTC), would establish a public trust, similar to unemployment insurance, which would fund a long-term care benefit open to all who pay


Senior Games combine competition with fun Senior Games combine competition with fun

Athletic shoes. Water bottles. And smiles. Those three things might best describe what you’ll see on seniors throughout July in and around Olympia the Washington State Senior Games brings thousands of older athletes together for competition, camaraderie and just plain fun. Nearly 2,000 men and women over 50 participate every year. Many venues have changed

Senior Eats

A good idea for breakfast out A good idea for breakfast out

Going out for breakfast takes a bit of arranging and sometimes a special occasion. The event is made worthwhile if the food and service are above average and the prices are reasonable.  On a recent Sunday, by good luck and a recommendation, we went to the Biscuit House and found that there were a lot

Senior Adventures

Ten days at sea and five on Hawaiian Islands Ten days at sea and five on Hawaiian Islands

When you think of cruising, you usually think about what ports of call you will be visiting. You don’t normally think about spending long days at sea.  In prior years, we have gone to Hawaii and rented a house in one location for two weeks. This year, we decided to take a 15-day cruise out


COMMENTARY: Overcharging older Americans won’t fix healthcare system

If you were to ask a typical Washingtonian how to fix healthcare in America, you can be sure he or she would not suggest that Washington, D.C. allow insurance companies to price people out of affordable coverage. Yet Congress is now considering the American Health Care Act — a bill that would do just that.

Product/Business Showcase

10 years as Wesley Homes’ ‘prototype’ 10 years as Wesley Homes’ ‘prototype’

In  honor of its 10th year, Wesley Homes’ Lea Hill retirement community hosted a celebration May 21 that Wesley Homes president Kevin Anderson called a salute to “a major accomplishment for us.” The opening of the Auburn-area campus “set the tone for Wesley Homes,” Anderson said. “It is our prototype for what we want to