Different generations, same goals


Different generations, same goals

Even though they are 41 years apart in age, Madonna Hanna and Marcus Chambers are in lockstep with two loves: Competitive running and Toastmasters. Hanna, 66, is a veteran of state and national competitions for senior athletes, while Chambers, 25, is an Olympic hopeful on Team USA’s track and field team. Both are members of Thursday Nite Live Toastmasters in Parkland. The two have developed an enduring friendship, in which they coach each other. Chambers is Hanna’s running coach, while she serves as his mentor in Toastmasters, an international organization that teaches public speaking and leadership skills through its clubs worldwide.

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Senior centers, homeowners, farms get pandemic money

Senior centers are among the public organizations in Pierce County sharing $3.8 million of federal funding that was allocated through the county government in May to help the citizenry recover from and cope with impacts of the COVID-19 virus. The largest share of the funding ($2.2 million) was earmarked for a new foreclosure prevention program

Order goes out: Wear face masks

Washingtonians will soon be required to wear protective face masks in virtually every situation when in public. The statewide mandatory face covering order that takes effect June 26 was announced this week by Governor Jay Inslee and state Secretary of Health John Wiesman. The order followed an earlier announcement of a mandatory mask proclamation for

Titlow Estuary’s future is headed in right direction Titlow Estuary’s future is headed in right direction

In another step in recovering natural habitat and improving local watersheds, the Washington State Salmon Recovery Funding Board has awarded a $150,000 grant to assist in design and initial planning for the restoration of the Titlow Estuary in Tacoma. Known to many as the “duck pond” at Titlow Park, the estuary was once a self-sustaining

Pandemic puts a damper on 4th of July Pandemic puts a damper on 4th of July

Independence Day celebrations in the Puget Sound region are being canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic. Among the cancellations are the Fourth of July T-Town Family 4th in Tacoma, Federal Way’s Red, White and Blues Festival, and Auburn’s 4th of July Festival. Tacoma’s event is one of the few—if not the only one–that might be


The bugaboo of summer The bugaboo of summer

Spotting more bugs than usual around the house? While a pest problem can cause embarrassment and concern, this summer you can take comfort in the fact that not only are you not alone, there are new ways of dealing with insects that can help you manage the problem without harsh chemicals. A warm winter and


Healthy eating while sheltering: Yes to nutrients, no to empty calories Healthy eating while sheltering: Yes to nutrients, no to empty calories

With social distancing orders in place in many areas across the country, you may be doing your grocery shopping with shelf stability in mind. But this factor should not be your only priority. Right now, it’s especially important that the foods you eat also support your health and longevity. Here are three things to know


Metro’s transit-to-trails rides catching on Metro’s transit-to-trails rides catching on

Passengers with a passion for hiking boarded Trailhead Direct for more than 17,500 hikes in 2019 in the second season of the two-year pilot project co-led by King County Metro and King County Parks, a 75 percent increase from 2018. The transit-to-trails service added a fourth route this season starting at the Tukwila International Boulevard

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Taking care of your heart–together Taking care of your heart–together

If you worry that you or someone you love will get heart disease or even have a heart attack, it’s understandable. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States, according to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI). Research shows you can lower your risk, particularly

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Social Security fraud fight goes online

The Social Security Administration has launched an online form for the public to report Social Security-related telephone scams. In the past year, fraudulent callers tricking victims into making cash or gift-card payments to avoid arrest for purported Social Security problems have become the most frequent type of fraud reported to the Federal Trade Commission and