‘A pat on the back’ for caregivers


‘A pat on the back’ for caregivers

Most caregivers don’t receive the credit they deserve for their compassionate and caring work for seniors. While most don’t enter the healthcare field for the recognition, they do make a huge difference in the lives they touch.
For the 2016 All-Star Caregivers Recognition Dinner at The Weatherly Inn in Tacoma, the Heath Care Providers Council of Pierce County (HCPC) received 108 nominations of outstanding caregivers. Seven were chosen as recipients for this year’s award — award – Corinne Hinrichs, Estrella Cabiao, Cindy Harper, Katherine Austin, Laura Garcia, Leanne Martin and Renae Alderman.

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Libraries host Medicare advisors

Are you turning 65 soon? Want to know more about Medicare? Join Sound Outreach and the Statewide Health Insurance Benefits Advisors (SHIBA) at any of the following Pierce County Library System branch for a free presentation from 1 to 3:30 p.m. titled “All Things Medicare:” July 9, Tillicum, 14916 Washington Ave. SW. in  Lakewood. July

Puyallup ‘blazing a trail’ for successful aging Puyallup ‘blazing a trail’ for successful aging

Linda Henry is clearly passionate about the importance of Puyallup being designated as an age-friendly city. “This started out years ago with the AdvantAge Initiative and when we considered the importance of being an age-friendly community. This is where I elect to spend a lot of my volunteer hours,” she said. Puyallup Area Aging in

Debt can tarnish golden years

For many, the Golden Years are anything but from a financial standpoint. Increasing debt among seniors, disappearing pension plans and the uncertainty of Social Security are causing tension and stress. According to the Institute on Assets and Social Policy, one third of senior households have no money left over or are in debt after paying

Music with kids stirs older minds

In an ongoing 10-week program, seniors at an assisted-living community in King County are exploring music and the recollections it evokes down the sometimes inaccessible memory lane. Music Together program is an internationally recognized music program for children from birth through age 7 and the adults who love them. At the core of the program


What you need to know about new retirement laws

Have you heard that some of Social Security’s rules about claiming benefits are changing? Well, it’s true. The Bipartisan Budget Act that passed last November closed two complex loopholes that were used primarily by married couples. We want you to know why this happened, how it might affect you, and what you should do next.

Senior Eats

For something new, try dim sum For something new, try dim sum

Dim Sum are oriental appetizers, served as small bites of various meats, vegetables and bean curd in various wrappers and buns, steamed, sometimes fried, served hot and sometimes with dipping sauce. The Ginger Palace on Tacoma’s Hosmer Street just off I-5 prepares an extensive menu of dim sum on weekends and holidays to enrich their

Senior Adventures

There are ways to make travel smoother

Listen to the news and check out all that is going on around the world. It makes me sometimes wonder why go through all the hoops in order to travel. I love to travel. I love to meet new people in new places and learn about them and what they do. I have always had


Medicine changing treatment for rheumatoid arthritis

The effective treatment of rheumatoid arthritis includes medications that slow the progression of joint damage and deformity. These drugs are called disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (DMARDs), and they are a vital part of an overall treatment plan. Doctors prescribe DMARDs for people with inflammatory arthritis who are at risk of permanent joint damage. Each DMARD works

Product/Business Showcase

Sisters and their hair weaved a tale of success and heartbreak Sisters and their hair weaved a tale of success and heartbreak

There are things we can control, things we can influence, and things we can’t control. As we age, our hair is all of these. The importance hair plays in our self-image is reflected in the thousands of hair products currently on the market. In 1882, Fletcher Sutherland revolutionized the industry with his claim to cure