Where they play the game and know your name


Where they play the game and know your name

Chalet Bowl, located in the heart of the Proctor District in Tacoma, has been up and running since 1941.
The 12-lane bowling alley is the oldest operating bowling alley in Washington, said Alyson Frederick, daughter-in-law of owners Reggie and Nancy Frederick. Reggie and Nancy have owned Chalet bowl for the last 32 years, and their son Billy and his wife Alyson are co-owners.
Reggie Frederick and his mom, Jackie, who is 84, still bowl together. He said the business has been successful due to the fact that they have a very close relationship with their clients. Jackie still bowls in two leagues a week and has been in a bowling league since she was 25 years old.

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Where there’s wildfire smoke, there are health risk

Wildfires this summer have at times negatively affected air quality and caused health risks for certain segments of the population, including the elderly, health authorities say. People with heart or lung disease, or those with respiratory issues such as asthma, colds or flu, are most at risk from the smoke of wildfires. Children, the elderly

Social Security has aged well since FDR’s days

Eighty years ago, on Aug. 14, 1935, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act into law. As the face of America has evolved over the course of the last eight decades, so has Social. Social Security has expanded its safety net to provide benefits for retirees, people with disabilities and chronically ill, spouses

New law helps shield elderly from abuse

New legislation that gives police more latitude to protect vulnerable adults in Washington from abuse is now the law. House Bill 1316, sponsored by state Rep. Melanie Stambaugh of Puyallup, was signed into law May 14 by Govenor Jay Inslee. It requires police officers to arrest, without a warrant, any person they believe has violated

U.S. Open did its best for older fans U.S. Open did its best for older fans

Pierce County held a golf party at Chambers Bay and the world showed up. In typical Pierce County spirit, over 4,000 volunteers joined in the welcome of the U.S. Open in June. I was among them, assigned to the 140-member Accessibility Committee for older spectators and individuals with disabilities. The 25-year-old Americans with Disabilities Act


Survey: Older homeowners less likely to upgrade

Given a choice to love it, leave it or fix it, homeowners have mixed reactions – and in some cases a love-hate relationship – with their homes. Washington Energy Services released findings from its semi-annual Northwest Energy Survey in May, revealing respondents’ attitudes about their homes as well as desires to upgrade the object of

Senior Eats

Italian is the real thing at Marzano Italian is the real thing at Marzano

Marzano Italian Restaurant has authentic Italian food in an elegant setting, served by pleasant wait staff. Elegant and cozy, it has been at the same location for 27 years. We went on a hot day and decided not to sit inside since it was not air-conditioned, but took seats out on the porch, mostly in

Senior Adventures

Pacific side of Panama Canal is a scenic wonder

And the story continues. We have made it through the Panama Canal and now are on the Pacific side headed north. Puntarenas, Costa Rica is the first stop on this side. Many of our group took a train, boat and bus tour to see the most available sites. They were in the water with crocodiles,


Medicare: Keeping us healthy for 50 years

Fifty years ago, on July 30, 1965, the landscape of healthcare in America changed forever when President Lyndon B. Johnson signed landmark legislation giving life to the Medicare and Medicaid programs. As we commemorate Medicare’s 50th anniversary, we celebrate the legacy of the program and commit ourselves to keep it strong for current and future

Product/Business Showcase

Workers being hired for state fair

Vendors, food concessionaires and the midway operator at the Washington State Fair in Puyallup, as well as the fair itself, are hiring temporary workers for the fair’s 17-day Sept. 11-27. Interviews are being scheduled for select dates and times, which are listed on the fair’s web site at http://www.thefair.com/participate/employment/ . The jobs range from ticket