Fishing is a throwback to simpler times


Fishing is a throwback to simpler times

It seems the older we get, the more time we spend looking back on how life used to be when we were young and spry. It seems life has passed us by, and to some extent it has. Today’s world with its Internet, Facebook and other technical innovations can be confusing, strange and at times unnerving. Gone are the days of coal oil lamps, Sears Roebuck and Co. catalogs, and the long walks to and from school in all kinds of weather. But fishing was and still is a recreational activity that costs very little and for the most part pays off handsomely.

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King County outlaws housing discrimination tied to Social Security

How you pay for your home shouldn’t prevent you from having a place to live, according to the Metropolitan King County Council. So its members have adopted legislation prohibiting landlords or homesellers from denying people housing based on how they would pay for the unit, including those who use money from Social Security benefits. “For

Coffee, cookies and conversation help caregivers cope Coffee, cookies and conversation help caregivers cope

One of the best-kept secrets in Puyallup is the Caregivers Group that meets on the second Tuesday of every month from 1 to 2:30 at Good Samaritan Behavior Health. The group’s gatherings – from 1 to 2:30 p.m. at 325 E. Pioneer, Building 2 — are open to anyone who is caregiving for someone. Usually

COMMENTARY: Protecting vulnerable elders must be a community priority

(Mark Lindquist, who wrote this article, is Pierce County’s prosecuting attorney.)   Mr. Villegas’ life savings began to dwindle under the control of his daughter. He was 81 years old with dementia and early Alzheimer’s. Frugal, he lived on a modest income. His savings were nearly $200,000, primarily from the sale of his home, but

Congressional act supports dementia caregivers

Supporters of Alzheimer’s-related services are applauding congressional action on national efforts helping patients and their caregivers. The RAISE (Recognize, Assist, Include, Support, Engage) Family Caregivers Act, approved by Congress and signed into law by the president in January, addresses the needs of family caregiving by directing the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)


Get into gardening without letting it get the best of you

  Gardening is one of those activities that is low-impact, reduces stress, and improves your overall health and well-being. It is, however, possible to overdo it and strain muscles, joints and even end up with lightheadedness. There are some quick and simple ways to enjoy your gardening tasks without taxing your body too much, giving

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It’s hard to beat the beet It’s hard to beat the beet

It’s a year-long celebration of flavor and beauty as we honor and grow the beet. The National Garden Bureau (NGB) has declared 2018 the year of this garden mainstay. Dress up your dinner table with the NGB’s Edible of the Year.  Not only are beets tasty and pretty, but they’re also good for you.  These

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Book your trip, and don’t forget the cancellation insurance

There are times when everything seems to be against us and no matter how hard we try to make it all work, it just doesn’t come together. You put in an alarm system to protect your house and still someone finds a way in. You drive carefully, paying attention, and another person, probably on their


Good to the core Good to the core

The body’s core is literally the center of everything, and is comprised of the back, abdominal area, hip, and pelvic muscles. A strong core is essential to overall health, including the following benefits: It supports the spine, in turn keeping you balanced and stable to walk, go to the bathroom, etc. Core exercises also improves

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The welcome mat is out for senior living tour

Are you thinking about moving into a retirement community but don’t know where to start or what questions to ask? Or are you envisioning your grandma’s retirement community when thinking about needing more care? Then the Tacoma Senior Living Community Tour – covering five communities on Aug. 22 — might be just the thing for