Why I walk to end Alzheimer’s


Why I walk to end Alzheimer’s

It was mid-September 2015 when a man standing near me at the Tacoma train station struck up a seemingly innocent conversation.
I explained I was there to wave goodbye to my dear friend who had joined me in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s event that day in Tacoma. Attired in my purple Walk to End Alzheimer’s t-shirt, he took a good look at it and chuckled slightly before making a comment I never anticipated.

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Celestial sight of a century is coming Celestial sight of a century is coming

For the first time in 99 years, a total solar eclipse will pass across the entire United States this month, creating a spectacular sight for communities across the country. And on Aug. 21, the Pierce College Science Dome will be ready. The dome, located on the college’s Lakewood campus, will offer a stellar opportunity to

Aging population part of call for broad paid-leave

The nation’s aging population, increases in demand for family members to care for loved ones, and gender gaps in the labor force are making time for family care and serious personal medical issues essential for any national paid family and medical leave plan. Those are some of the findings of a new report released in

Safety first for grandkids and all other water-lovers Safety first for grandkids and all other water-lovers

Despite Hollywood’s best attempts, drowning in real life doesn’t look the way it does in movies. Drowning is silent, and sadly the cause of almost 800 deaths a year for children in the United States, more than half of which are among children ages 4 years old and younger, according to Safe Kids Worldwide. In Washington,

Social Security disability: The what, when and how

Social Security disability benefits can be an important resource for individuals who become disabled. To help make that better known, and in observance of the 27th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, Pierce County Aging and Disability Resources will host an informational presentation about Social Security disability on July 25 at TACID, which is


Garden composting can be attractive and convenient Garden composting can be attractive and convenient

Make recycling green debris into compost convenient and attractive. Create a space you and your neighbors will appreciate. And locate composting in a convenient area that is easy to access and manage, so you are more likely to do it. You’ll quickly recoup your initial investment of time and money.  Spend less time hauling the

Senior Eats

Food trucks carry delectable cargo Food trucks carry delectable cargo

Summer is farmers market season, and along with the fruits and vegetables come food trucks. From Eatonville to the north end of Tacoma and from Steilacoom to Puyallup, the food trucks line up alongsi de the other vendors to provide lunch and snacks to the crowds who come to shop at the summer markets. And

Senior Adventures

Traveling with dementia is possible

 Just the phrase “traveling with dementia” brings on many, sometimes overwhelming, emotions — especially if you are the person responsible for making the decision and then going on the trip. Sadly, some may result in keeping the person with dementia from experiencing enjoyment and giving the caregiver very special good feelings. There is so much


Three ways to protect those aging eyes Three ways to protect those aging eyes

While you may take healthy eyes for granted, it’s important to know that as you age, you become more susceptible to conditions that can impair your vision. The effects of vision loss can be devastating, harming one’s quality of life and independence. Fortunately, there are proactive steps you can take to see better and help

Product/Business Showcase

Kudos for Village Concepts caregiver and administrator

A Village Concepts caregiver and one of the administrators for the company that operates retirement and assisted-living communities in Pierce and King counties have been named by industry groups as some of the best in Washington in their profession. The Washington Health Care Association selected Lori Harvison, a staff member at Sound Vista Village in