Champions of King County history protect ‘the places that tell our story’


Champions of King County history protect ‘the places that tell our story’

Iconic buildings and people in the Auburn and Enumclaw areas are in the spotlight as recipients of the latest John D. Spellman Awards for historic preservation in King County. The award is named for the former King County executive and Washington governor, who died in January 2018. Spellman became a champion of the county’s history when he helped start its Historic Preservation Program 40 years ago. County Executive Drew Constantine and others honored the new award winners during a celebration last October at the Auburn Masonic Temple, which happened to also be one of the award recipients.

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Lack of transportation (their own and options) hampers older adults

A new national poll finds that older adults and people with disabilities are facing significant transportation-related challenges once they no longer drive. The difficulties include a lack of accessible and reliable transportation alternatives, which prevents them from doing the things they need and want to do and leaves them feeling frustrated, isolated and trapped. The

County budget includes nursing, aging-in-place for seniors

More than $18 million dedicated for senior-specific services is part of the 2019 budget for Pierce County government. For Aging and Disability Resources, a program of the Human Services Department, $18.7 million is allocated, with the biggest portion being $11.5 million for case management and nursing services. That funding is tied to a department goal

Watershed science up close Watershed science up close

The 2018 Puyallup Watershed Science Symposium, held at Meridian Habitat Park and Community Center on Dec. 7, brought together professionals, community members, agency staff, volunteers, higher-education faculty and students with common goals: To protect local waters for the future, learn more, share information, and educate the public about the latest science and research in the

The importance of strong cell signals in nursing homes

With 42 percent of seniors over 65 owning a smartphone, one of the top concerns when choosing a nursing home is the ability to stay in touch with loved ones. Families and friends want to easily and seamlessly check in on nursing home residents so they can stay connected and ensure their well-being and happiness.


Feeling unmotivated in the new year? Remove the s-word from your vocabulary Feeling unmotivated in the new year? Remove the s-word from your vocabulary

I want you to pause for a moment and think of that thing you needed or wanted to do in 2018 but you still haven’t gotten around to yet, and you keep putting off. The idea or project is just sitting there, and the “unfinishedness” of it is weighing on you. But when it actually

Senior Eats

Bring on the veggies and fruit Bring on the veggies and fruit

Ample fruits and vegetables in the diet is essential throughout the entire lifespan, including in older adults. In fact, seniors who consume more fruits and veggies lower their risk of numerous chronic diseases and are expected to live longer, especially in combination with regular physical activity. Older adults should consume approximately two cups of fruits

Senior Adventures

New experiences are out there for retirees

Maybe you’re one of those people who worked hard all your life, and didn’t take – or have– the time to travel and see this wonderful world of ours. And now in retirement, you find yourself with lots of time and itching to travel, but don’t know where to get started. The good news is,

Health & Fitness

It’s easier to keep feet firmly on the ground when they’re in good shape It’s easier to keep feet firmly on the ground when they’re in good shape

Among older Americans, falls are the number one cause of injuries and death from injury, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Not only are seniors more at risk for falls, when they do take a tumble, it poses a greater risk for injuries, hospitalization and complications. For a ground-up approach to fall

Business/Personal Finance/Products

Feeling old? Fighting Alzheimer’s? There’s an app for that

MindMate, a company based in Santa Monica, Calif., is participating in the fight against Alzheimer’s. The company, founded in 2015 by Susanne Mitschke, Patrick Renner and Roger Arellano, provides an app aimed at supporting the cognitive function in Baby Boomers and seniors to help users stay themselves for as long as possible. The app contains