$3.76 for a cup of coffee? That’s Washington

$3.76 for a cup of coffee? That’s Washington

If you’re a coffee lover, then it’s safe to say the day doesn’t really start until you’ve had that first sip from your morning cup.

Needless to say, countless people of all nationalities look to the bean for their daily dose of caffeine, and this is only going up. In fact, the $11 billion coffee industry is set to grow at an annual rate of 3 percent by 2028.

With that in mind, is it easy to find a cheap cup of Joe? Betkentucky.com had its analysts compare the average price across the U.S. to see which state’s coffee drinkers pay the most for their morning java. It may be no surprise to Washingtonians who frequent coffee shops that they’re paying the third-highest average price–$3.09 per coffee beverage. The only states higher are Hawaii ($3.76) and California ($3.35).

Data for the comparisons was gathered from Menuwithprice.com, by extracting and analyzing menus from over 5,000 coffee shops across all 50 states. The results are the average cost of coffee (including multiple sizes) but exclude coffee beverages with alcohol in them.

While plenty of coffee drinkers appreciate the pure simplicity of a basic morning brew, what about those who enjoy something with a little bit more of a kick? A cappuccino, for instance. As it turns out, people in Seattle suffer the most when it comes to cappuccino prices, paying nerve-jangling $6.21 per cup—the highest national average among cities. Honolulu is right behind at $5.96, followed by Reno, Nev., Tucson, Ariz., and San Antonio, Texas at $5.66, $5.63, and $5.60, respectively.

Source: betkentucky.com