See yourself in these holiday statistics?

’Tis the season to turn your home into a candy cane kingdom, gingerbread castle, or winter wonderland — with or without the snow.

With the holiday season upon us, LawnStarter just released its 2023 Holiday Decor Trends report. They surveyed U.S. adults about their plans for decking the halls (and yard), including holiday budgets and Christmas tree preferences.

Here are some key stats from the survey results, along with demographic insights such as age, income, and gender:
Christmas (88.3 percent) is the most popular winter holiday for celebrants this year, followed by New Year (65 percent ) and Winter Solstice (19 percent). The living room (71 percent) is the most popular area of the home to decorate for the holidays, followed by the home exterior (65 percent) and front yard (54 percent). 36 percent of respondents say it’s too early to start decorating before Halloween — yet 17 percent admit to doing so. When decorating for the holidays, 37 percent of respondents pick out their Christmas tree at a local tree farm, while 25 percent opt to order it online.   
Demographics: Women are nearly twice as likely as men to air their grievances on Dec. 23 for Festivus. Adults between 25 and 34 are most likely to splurge on decorations, with 9 percent budgeting over $500. Among those aged 55 to 64, wreaths are over five times more popular than outdoor displays like inflatable snowmen or carved wooden characters. Among all groups, Democrats are the most likely at nearly 55 percent to prefer artificial trees. 20 percent of respondents aged 55 to 64 have an artificial tree that is older than 10 years old.