Turkey, please, but hold the politics

Turkey, please, but hold the politics

Favorite leftovers and preferred dinner conversations are among topics in a survey of people who observe Thanksgiving with traditional meals.

The survey by Betohio.com of 3,000 Americans included Washingtonians. The latter rated turkey as their favorite leftover dish by a wide margin over the second and third-most popular leftovers—stuffing and mashed potatoes.

When asked “What are the conversations you don’t want during Thanksgiving?”, politics was at the top of the list, followed closely by family disputes. Controversial news or current events were a distant third.

And as for the approximate time their Tnanksgiving dinner is served, 2 to 4 p.m. was the most popular, followed by 4 to 5.

Nationally, the top three leftovers were the same as in Washington. So was the general time for dinner. But family issues were the main dinner discussion topic to avoid.For the survey, 42 percent of the people polled were 55 and up in age, the largest group by age. The participants were evenly divided between men and women.